Dr. Philip Nyenje
Dr. Philip Nyenje is a Research Fellow of the Water Research and Development Centre. Philip has a background in Civil Engineering with specialisation in water resources and hydrology. He has wide experience in applied research and projects in water and sanitation. His research has mainly focused on transport of contaminants in groundwater and surface water, flood mapping and resilience, hydrological and groundwater modelling, improvement of sanitation for the urban poor, design of water supply systems, water quality and quantity monitoring of both groundwater and surface water. Philip has presented at several conferences and he has a number of publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Philip has also been involved in several applied research projects related to water and sanitation including the Bill and Melinda sanitation project "Stimulating Local Innovation in Sanitation for the Urban Poor In SS Africa & SE Asia", which seeks among others to explore resource recovery oriented decentralized sanitation (e.g. biogas latrines), the Rapid Indirect Solar dryer funded by RAN/USAID which seeks to enhance the drying of agricultural produce using solar energy and SCUSA project which sought to identify sustainable strategies to improve sanitation and the T-group groundwater research project funded by DFID which involves exploring the transition management theory to improve management of groundwater resources in peri-urban areas. Philip also has experience in consultancy works including design of water supply systems, water resources assessment, water resources potential estimation of dams and valley tanks and assessment of sanitation in schools and slums.

Mr. Patrick Mulindwa
Mr. Patrick Mulindwa is a Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of Ndejje University and heading the Water Laboratory. He is dedicated and self-motivated professional who specializes in identifying and rectifying discrepancies and issues requiring accuracy and attention to detail in industrial chemistry, chemical engineering principals and chemistry at large. His other experience includes working as a Research Fellow at Mbarara University and University of Kassel under the RELOAD (Germany) project. His areas of research include pesticide residue analysis in underground water and foods. He has also conducted research on post-harvest handling (Food storage) and food processing. His scope included studying the effects of storage environment on the nutritional value of the stored foods. He has participated in a wide variety of research projects and has published articles in both International peer reviewed journal and magazines. He holds a Degree in Industrial Chemistry of Makerere University and a Masters in Chemistry (Food processing) of Mbarara University of science and technology and University of Kassel.

Ms. Nassanga Rhodah Nakate
Nassanga Rhodah Nakate is a project assistant, Water Research and Development Centre at Ndejje University. She attained a bachelor’s degree in Civil and environmental engineering with a special interest in water resources management and distribution. Her research has been on groundwater contamination from human waste, Waste water management and promotion of religious tourism in Namugongo, septic tank failures and its effects on groundwater.

Mr. David Bensel
David is an Austrian consultant to the Water Research and Development Centre. He has a Bachelor's degree in Water Resources Management and an MBA (General Management). David has a career in Germany's waste water machine building industry and has lead projects dealing with small scale reverse osmosis plants, operater models of decentralized water supply, planning and start-up of a water laboratory. Currently he is lecturing on GIS in hydrology and co-supervising students on their projects.