On the first day of the training, Tuesday 11th February 2020, the students have been given a practical lesson in QGIS 3.4. QGIS, being a free and open source software, is ideal to start with the adventure of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The software comes with many freely available resources and is free of charge.
The students learned how to load data, work with layers, label them and do some basic geoprocessing and the main data types of GIS.

On the second day, the students were sent out on the premisses of NGO Connect Africa, Miggade, with the task to map the area. In the morning the students used their smart phones and app OSMTracker for Android to georeference the most important features like houses, ways and paths, and gardens. Using this app comes without cost as well, as it is free and open source software also. In the afternoon the gathered tracks, GPX-files with georeferenced way points, were imported to QGIS to produce vector data. The data was used to produce a map of the surveyed place.