One of the objectives of the Water Research and Development Center is to incorporate students in the various projects that it undertakes. The Center conducts training and design courses that include:

  • GIS
  • Hydraulic Ram Pump
  • Bio Sand Filters design, production, and Installation
  •  Solar Pump installation
  • Laboratory training on Water quality testing

The target group of students to engage are the engineering students who have different course units in the 4 years at University that can be incorporated into the training of the Center. That is to say, in the first year, students have a course unit of concrete properties from which students can then engage with the center along with their Lecturer to develop the concrete box for the Bio Sand Filter.

In the second year, students who are doing hydraulics as a course unit can be trained in the design and installation of a hydraulic ram pump to further their knowledge in water flow dynamics.

In year three, the students take on a course unit in water management where they can then work with the center in the QGIS training to be able to apply the software in their designs of water management and so on.

The Center in the past years has also worked with final year students whose final year projects are in the field of water management to provide guidance and assistance on the various software that they could use. This means that with the previous knowledge gained working with the center, the students are better equipped to take on water-related projects.

The center also has a well established Water Laboratory that is at the students’ disposal with proper supervision for water quality analysis for their final year projects to assess the parameters of interest to them.

Research being another big part of the Center’s mandate, students’ final year project proposals would be developed under assigned supervision and sectioned with the rest of the research proposals developed under the Center with the students’ names and registration numbers.

The costs of running the training and courses the students will undertake with the Center will be met by the University to the faculty from the tuition paid by the student. This will ensure that the student gets a wholesome education including the practical sessions and not just theoretical and also brings the Center close to the students through their involvement.